Meet our leadership team!

Catherine Kennedy


Jean-Paul Staelens de Pomar

Vice President

Engineering Team 

Casey Sauer

Chief Mechanical Engineer 

Matthew McCauley

Chief Electrical Engineer

Engineering System Heads 

Jack Stevens

Head of Structural 

Sofia Varner

Head of Drivetrain 

Joseph Shneyderman

Head of Handling

Ezra Frank

Head of Ergonomics 

Zachary Perry 

Head of Tractive Systems 

Walter Stadolnik

Head of Low Voltage

Nicholas DePatie

Head of Data Controls 

Business Team 

Jessica Shang 

Chief Business Officer 

Safiya Elmi

Head of Outreach 

Alex DeRing

Head of Finance 

Anushka Wani

Head of Operations 

Anthony Bernardi 

Head of Software 

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