The business team is composed of three subteams: Finance, Operations, and Marketing, each lead by their respective Chief. The business team members ensure that our engineers can focus their attention on the car and not worry about what is going on behind the scenes. The business team handles recruitment, financial management, sponsorship procurement, competition logistics, marketing, and more.


The Finance subteam is responsible for maintaining and building corporate connections for sponsorship and employment opportunities, managing the annual budget, and processing purchases and reimbursements.


The Operations subteam is involved with maintaining and coordinating the internal manufacturing logistics, shop space upkeep and training for machine shop tools, and competition rules compliance, logistics, and preparations (securing lodging, food, travel, etc.). The team is also responsible for the new member program, as well as organizing the schedule for new member trainings.


The Marketing subteam promotes the club to the broader community by coordinating internal and external recruitment and marketing events. This includes designing the tools used to support these ventures (designing flyers, running social media, collaborating with other clubs, etc.) to build a sense of community and increase member engagement.