The Software subteam builds and maintains a full-stack web application, FinishLine, to automate club management processes, codes our car’s technical interface, and holds learning sessions throughout the semester to teach new members technologies and general software skills.

Finishline functions as the club’s backend organizer. It is where all of NER’s projects, reimbursements, and more are documented. The software team codes this website, constantly collaborating with other subteams, building new features to make sure the club runs smoothly.

Data visualization is crucial to what our software team does. This involves developing application software for the car, using Argos and NERO. Argos is the visualization tool for all telemetry data coming from the car. It uses an Angular framework, has an express backend, and is written entirely in Typescript.

NERO is used for our car’s GUI. It runs in its dashboard to display realtime data (such as speed and battery charge) to the driver and is written in C++ with a QT framework. The team is always expanding their work to include more telemetry management and improve the car’s interface.