The Mechanical team, led by the Chief Mechanical Design Engineer, deals with all aspects of mechanical research, design, and manufacturing of the car. Projects typically start in the research stage, then go through concept sketching, and finally get turned into detailed Computer Aided Design (CAD) models in Solidworks. Calculations and simulations sprinkled throughout the design process ensure components are meeting specifications and staying in compliance with the competition rules. Once the design process is completed, the team moves to the machine shop where each component is fabricated using tools such as mills, lathes, CNC machines, and hand tools, and later installed into the car via welding or bolted assemblies. Currently, the team is working on the bodywork, pedal box, seat, impact attenuator, motor cooling, steering, and drivetrain of the car. 

Highlighted Projects: 


Pedal Box

Seat and Steering 

Impact Attenuator 

Motor Cooling 


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