Formula Hybrid+Electric

Formula Hybrid+Electric is an annual interdisciplinary student engineering and design challenge that is part of the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) Collegiate Design Series.

Throughout the academic year, students design and build a single-seat, open-wheel race car that conforms to a specific set of rules. The competition itself takes place each spring and consists of a series of events categorized as “dynamic” and “static”. Dynamic events include tests of the vehicle’s performance in braking, acceleration, rollover stability, handling, and endurance. Static events include a presentation of the vehicle’s engineering & design, as well as a presentation of the team’s project management over the competition year.

2021 Competition Results 

Northeastern Electric Racing placed 1st overall in the Electric Category at the 2021 Virtual Formula Hybrid + Electric competition.

Scoring Breakdown: 

3rd Place in Project Management 

2nd Place in Engineering Design 

3rd Place in iRacing event 

2022 Competition Results 

Northeastern Electric Racing placed 2nd overall in the Electric Category at the 2022 Formula Hybrid + Electric competition. We were also awarded with the Scrutineer’s Award, in memory of Suzanne Royce, for having the best engineering documentation and being the most prepared. 

Scoring Breakdown: 

2nd Place in Project Management 

3rd Place in Engineering Design 

2nd Place in Acceleration 

2nd Place in Autocross 

3rd Place in Endurance 

Competition Results 

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